Web Design

Defining a web presence begins and ends with strong web design. Small businesses, large organizations and everything in between needs a smart, professional web design that is easy to use and effective in results. Our team of developers and designers at Biz a la Carte can do anything from simple improvements to your website to the creation of a totally new web design incorporating as many of the hundreds of available features that fit your needs. The goal is increasing new traffic and improving user loyalty. Biz a la Carte has built or improved thousands of websites over the past decade.

  • Visual Effects

    Visual Effects are tools and patterns we use on websites to make them more attractive and effective. Mouse-overs, pop-ups, rounded corners, shadows, sliding, zooming, overlay, fading and drag and drop are some of the features we install. Your business may also be an ideal candidate for the wow factor of motion graphics, reflections, 3D images and other stunning cinematic effects that can attract record numbers of visitors to your business.

  • Web animation

    Web Animation is now accessible to most of your target audience regardless of the type of internet connection. Basic GIF animation is a simple, eye-catching way to hilight or explain a concept. Dynamic HTML gives even more action to your webpages, moving content and images over a web page. We also use Flash and Shockwave to create video with sound and other features to produce a web experience suited for your business and optimizing results.

  • Photo Galleries

    Photo galleries are a simple yet dynamic way to add detail and clarity to your website messages. We can set up a photo and image gallery for you that you can easily add to, edit or delete. Fade-in and fade-out and other features can add to the effect. A few pictures can be worth a few thousand words!

  • Slide Shows

    Customized slideshows are entertaining for family viewing and effective as a business tool. We can create a custom slideshow for you and add music, text, fades, sweeps, zooms, animations and many other special effects. In business and education, the most powerful message is often presented with a combination of image, text, sound and effects – and a slideshow is a perfect medium for this kind of message.

  • Embedded Videos

    We can imbed a video with an embedded player directly on a webpage on your website. Visitors see a video box and by clicking a button on the player they can view your video full screen. You may wish to use your video as a product demonstration, a tour of your business, a testimonial, a “commercial”, an interview or any other format of your choice. The user recognizes this “YouTube” format and is instantly engaged with the message in your video.

Web Programming

  • Google Maps

    If location and accessibility of your business is important, we can embed a Google Map into your website. If a visitor to your website is interested in going to your business, or contemplating a delivery, the exact location pinpointed on a Google Map may be a crucial part of their decision. A Google Map is recognized as a powerful and user-friendly service. It can include contact information and driving directions. We can add images, scripts and other hooks to dramatically highlight your location.

  • Shopping Carts

    You can assist your customers and improve your sales with a shopping cart feature on your website. Visitors to your site are comforted to know they can simply “place items in their shopping cart” and then finalize payment at a familiar “checkout” format. Many clients use shopping cart software as a management tool to edit products and services, add discounts and payment options and store customer data.

  • Content Management

    We use content management to assist customers and clients on a wide variety of uses. Documents, images, text, numbers, audio, videos, numbers can all be stored in a user-friendly system where many users can access, retrieve, contribute, share and edit content. Overall administration can be controlled by one or more people. The result is a system that greatly improves the ability of you or your organization to report, research and communicate.

  • WordPress Customization

    You can dramatically improve the look and performance of your blog or other WordPress website. Biz a la Carte has worked with an extensive number of WordPress plug-ins, themes, widgets, templates and other features. Theme changes, SEO, slideshows, multi-use and news sliders are just some of the many ways we can personalize your site
    and improve your viewers experience.

  • Email Forms

    With the ever-growing popularity of smart phones and internet use, email remains a powerful business tool. We can create a custom Email contact form for your website. Users can easily email your business on a custom form with fields best suited to your needs and with your chosen colors and fonts. Common features include anti-spam and file attachment capability. Email forms simplify communication for your viewers and often create the critical first contact with a potential client/customer/user.

  • CSS (dropdown) Menus

    Drop down menus are panels that drop when touched, offering viewers multiple choices. They appear temporarily and disappear when viewers move to other parts of the screen. When designed properly by experienced programmers such as those at Biz a la Carte, drop down menus can be a superb tool to tidy up a busy page and give the viewer easy navigation and a good overview of your products and services.

Web Marketing

There are many ways to increase your business profile on the internet, and we use all of them. SEO (search engine optimization), banner ads, email marketing, referral marketing and content marketing are some of the tactics Biz a la Carte has used over the last decade to improve client performance. We also specialize in social media marketing – increasing web traffic to your website utilizing Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization may be the single biggest step you take to improve your business. It is common knowledge that the vast majority of web users do not go beyond the first page of a search result. We have a long track record of adding key words and phrases to your website, driving the right people to it and obtaining page one search status. Combine SEO with attractive design and you have a powerful resource working for your business 24/7.

Web Analytics

Many businesses and organizations have acquired large amounts of data – sales, website visits, searches, emails, document content, PDFs, addresses and a host of other chunks of structured or raw data. Biz a la Carte utilizes several analytic models to find useful patterns and trends in client data to improve planning and future performance. For example, we can study the keywords, IP address, referrer and other activities of the visitors to your website. We analyze how often each page is visited, for how long, and if a sale or other step or conversion was achieved. We can measure the effect of Facebook, Twitter and other social media, as well as mobile and other advertising campaigns, to see what is working. Our goal is to use your existing real data to improve your website and overall business performance.

  • Website Hosting

    We have been providing a reliable and cost friendly web hosting service for over 10 years. Biz a la Carte will custom design a package that suits your need for domain names, disk space, bandwidth and ease of use. You will receive outstanding availability and up time in a private and secure data centre. The primary goal is to give you a suitable internet presence as soon as possible.

  • Webmail

    With the increasing popularity of web access on smart phones and wifi, webmail gives you the freedom to send or receive email anywhere you have access to a web browser. We will set up a webmail package for you or your business that will suit your need for interface style, folders, contact groups, spam filters and other features. We can synchronize your email system with your smartphone and generally improve your email capability.

  • Email Forwarding

    We provide an email forwarding service whereby we can forward email from one email address to another email or mobile device such as your Android, Blackberry or iPhone smartphone. The Biz a la Carte servers will constantly monitor for new email so that you are current every time you check your email.

Website Management/Maintenance – For WordPress, Drupal, Joomla

Basic Package

Web Server Security Patches applied
WordPress, Drupal or Joomla security patches applied
Plugin and Extension updates and security patches applied

Basic Plus Package

Confirm backup creation and schedule
Test backup – 3 intervals

Add Ons

Minor content/Page updates (ie. Specials of the month)
User management (ie. Subscribers)
Blog management (ie. Bump posts update previous posts)
Analytics (provide details of visits and visitors)
Send Newsletter
SEO Management (optimize site based on previous months usage behaviour)
Analytics Advanced (ie. User journey, entry/exit details)
Content Creation / Copywriting