Finishing Services

For many years Biz a la Carte has enhanced the appearance and durability of customer documents with a variety of finishing services. From basic folding, cutting, and stapling to special binding such as saddle stitch (stapling through the centerfold), perfect binding (glued at the spine like a paperback book), cerlox binding (round plastic spine with 19 rings), and others, we have a way to make any multi-page document look and feel professional.

With the use of high class machines, our finishing services includes:

  • Folding and Stapling
  • Cerlox and Coil or Spiral Binding is a durable way to pull together reports, documents, and workbooks. Our coil binding service comes with variety of sizes and is also cost effective with a professional touch.
  • Wire Binding are firm and can be offered with hard and thick covers.
  • Perfect Binding is an adhesive based type of binding. An example of this type of binding are paperback books.
  • Saddle Stitch are more suitable for thin and smaller booklets. It is simple and more efficient based type of binding.
  • Cutting
  • Foil Stamping


Service Samples:

  • FoilStamping
  • CerloxWireCoilBinding
  • CoilBinding